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Puppet Theatre for one hour.

Alix Booth began working with Punch & Judy in 1975 when she started Party Puppets.  In her Lectures on “A History of Punch & Judy” she includes most traditional figures like Judy, the Baby, Toby the Dog, Mr Scaramouche, Joey the Clown, Hector the Horse, the Beadle, Jack Ketch the hangman and the Crocodile.  She has brought in Queen Victoria and Samuel Pepys to tell the story, with modern political figures like a Social Worker, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown being sorted out by Mr Punch. Alix presents slide shows with her talks, and Puppet Cabarets with light political satire.


Alix Booth is an Associate Member of the Punch and Judy Fellowship, and on the PUK website.   She is on the Speaker’s Lists for Wiltshire, Hampshire and Berkshire Women’s Institute.  She featured with her daughter Wim Booth on John Peel’s Home Truths, and on What’s My Line.


In schools her French Puppet Shows are popular with Polichinelle instead of Punch.  They are done entirely in French and work well even with limited knowledge of the language.  A true French Punch & Judy Show!


She also does Alternative Stories with the puppets covering a huge range of characters like Fairies, Trolls, Wizards, Genies, St George, Dragons and a vast range of animals.  Alix Booth is known for her huge Loch Ness Monster, or Giraffe for smaller children, both reach up to the ceiling.  


For playgroups the shows include the Gingerbread Man, a Trip to the Seaside, Old Macdonald had a Farm (when all the animals make the wrong noises) and a Teddy Bear’s Picnic.  Also a Trip to the Seaside. Christmas Puppet Shows are all different so children can see them year after year: they include Jingle Bells, Father Christmas, a Snowman, Bad King John, (who gets no presents) and the Christmas Pudding Man.


In all cases we have the children’s participation and we like to include them in each story as much as possible.


Party Puppets Birthday Parties are planned round the particular child. Age, interests and school are all taken into consideration so that they never see the same show. Party Games for Children are included in the price, including Pass the Parcel.


Alix Booth’s Party Puppets have performed in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Dorset, Berkshire, Somerset, Surrey, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Surrey and Hertfordshire.  They have also worked in Cumbria and in the Eastgate Theatre in Peebles, Scotland.  2008 Alix gives her Lecture in the Biggar Puppet Theatre, which is run by Ian Purves. It is part of the Biggar-Little-Festival.


Outside Punch & Judy shows include Fetes, shows and Fairs.  Times are arranged to suit each Event. Party Puppets is based in Burbage, Wiltshire and regularly appear  around Marlborough, Pewsey, Devizes, Swindon, Cirencester, Chippenham, Malmesbury, Hungerford,  Newbury, Bath, Dorchester, Sherborne and Yeovil areas.  


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